About Village Church Digital

Village Church Digital provides resources to help you grow as a follower of Jesus Christ

At Village Church, our heart is to help you grow in your faith as a follower of Jesus Christ. The content you will find at Village Church Digital was created to help you become a disciple of Jesus who goes, grows, and overcomes.


We are called to bring the gospel of Jesus to our friends, family, neighbors, city, and world. This is our mission because it is Jesus’ mission.


As we learn more about who Jesus is, what He believes, what He loves, what He hates, and more, we grow as His followers and deepen our understanding and our faith.


When we follow Jesus’ mission to go and grow, we are faced with powerful resistance. With God’s Spirit living in us, we have His power to overcome whatever we face.

Our Resources

Our goal for everything we create at Village Church Digital is to give you digestible, shareable, and helpful content that can help you grow in your faith in practical ways.

Sermons: Watch, listen to, or read sermons from both Village Church of Bartlett and Village Church East.

Q&A: Explore Biblically-based answers to questions on topics ranging from “Should I Get a Tattoo?” to “How Much Alcohol Is Too Much?” to “What Does the Bible Say about Infant Baptism?”

Sermon Q&A: Each week, our pastors spend hours preparing for sermons at our Village Church locations, but not everything makes it into what is shared on Sunday mornings! Join the pastors for a weekly discussion on topics and questions that didn’t make it into the sermon on Sunday morning, but are important for you to understand.

Mental Health: In today’s environment, mental health is more critical than ever. Join in for a conversation on mental health topics like anxiety and depression, and how we can apply the Gospel to them and experience personal growth and change.

Courses: COMING SOON! These extended training courses dive into topics like spiritual warfare and can provide you with further thought and growth on more advanced topics.

Articles: Great for quick readers, articles are authored by leaders across Village Church on topics like listening, redemption, and even church marketing!

Leadership Training: Listen in to recorded leadership trainings that we offer in-person at Village Church. Experts from across the United States provide their insights on church leadership, discipleship, and more.

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Whether you have a questions you’d like to hear answered on Q&A or you’d just like a response from Village Church Leadership, we’d love to help!


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